On the eleventh day of Christmas, eBay brought to me, two stolen picture glasses…

Technically speaking, these auctions closed on the ninth day (i.e., ladies dancing day), but who’s counting.

Accumulated eBay wisdom dictates that you don’t list glasses for sale between Christmas and New Year’s Day because collectors are typically very distracted by domestic drama involving relatives that have violated Ben Franklin’s infamous three-day rule and have overstayed their welcome. Distracted collectors typically are not checking eBay listings as regularly as they would normally or, if they are, may lose track of nice glasses and then forget to set a snipe. That’s why savvy collectors pay particular attention over major holidays, because that’s when they get to expand their collection at minimal cost.

Such was the case with the two classic picture glasses shown below.

I’ve seen many examples of both glasses over the years, although the Remington Liquor Co. glass usually stays close to home and does not make it onto eBay. Both are top-notch glasses that rank among the top 1% in terms of display-case appeal. Historically, these glasses have sold in the $200-$400 range, depending on condition.

Both glasses were listed for sale by cquimby2, whose other offerings have appeared earlier in this 12-days posting. The Remington Liquor Co. glass has some rim damage, but the etching looks to be strong based on the listing photo. It sold for $46.85. I suspect it was purchased by someone who’ll flip it in short order.

The Old Valley is the more common of the four known variants but is in very nice condition. It sold for $52.00. Congratulations to the two winners!

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